The Information and Communication Technology Unit is responsible for the provision of technical support services in an efficient and effective way to facilitate the smooth running of the SAP-Based IFMIS. The unit is also responsible for the development and maintenance of in-house computerised systems.  Additionally, provides support for all other IT related functions including ensuring that IT related procurements are in line with recommended specifications. Provides support services

ICT Infrastructure


  • Provides technical support to users across various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) pertaining to the SAP-Based IFMIS.
  • Resolve issues on all information technology issues within AGD.
  • Ensure recommended standards are adhered to when procuring of information technology equipment.
  • Maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for outsourced IT services.
  • Monitoring the network infrastructure to ensure all systems are running efficiently.


ICT Security


  • Provision of system security and its network infrastructure services.
  • Support users on system access from creation, deletion of roles and assignment of user rights and privileges.
  • Daily monitoring of network performance and all system hardware resources.
  • Sensitising end-users on proper use of passwords.
  • Development and maintenance of system security procedures.

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