Accountant general’s provision of accounting services mandate lies in its employees to deliver the necessary services. One of the divisions that is entrusted with ensuring that the activities of the department are run smoothly to deliver quality services per the mandate of the department is the Administration and Support Services which has a number of sections for the delivery of its different functions.

Some of the functions of this division are;

  • Provision of human resource management services,
  • Provision of human resources planning and development services,
  • Provision of planning, monitoring and evaluation services,
  • Provision of procurement and supplies services,
  • Provision of general office administrative support services
  • Provision of physical security services.

In order to achieve the aforementioned functions, the division has the following sections that are at its disposal for effective service provision; Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning and Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section, Procurement and Supplies section, Administration and Physical Security Section.

Through these sections the division have managed to attain number of milestones as regards to administration of office operations and trained a lot of accountants and other officers in different field in order to boost institutional capacity.

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