Accounting Services


Accounting services is a division under AGD which is responsible for monitoring of Budget Implementation, Production of Public Financial Reports and making sure that there is total compliance to Public Finance Laws and Regulations.

Apart from Accounting Services, there is also Pay Services division in the same department that is entrusted with making all transactions done by government which includes Payment of Salaries, Pensions and Gratuities, Remittances, Civil Servants Loans and settlement of Compensation Claims. Through these two divisions, Accounting and Pay Services, AGD have achieved accountability and Transparency to National Assembly through timely production of Financial Reporting and have managed to use electronic means to make payments; Salaries, Pensions and remittances.

Core Functions of the division

  • The division is responsible for processing of all government payments.
  • Receiving payment vouchers from MDAs and process all the payments using EFT

How the division operates

The front office receives payment vouchers from MDAs and after checking them, they are forwarded to Pre-audit for pre-auditing. Later, they are forwarded to cheque printing section where cheques are printed. The cheques are thereafter signed by the responsible officers. Finally, they are dispatched to MDAs by the dispatch office. Our clients are all MDAs.




Accountant general’s provision of accounting services mandate lies in its employees to deliver the necessary services. One of the divisions that is entrusted with ensuring that the activities of the department are run smoothly to deliver quality services per the mandate of the department is the Administration and Support Services which has a number of sections for the delivery of its different functions.

Some of the functions of this division are;

  • Provision of human resource management services,
  • Provision of human resources planning and development services,
  • Provision of planning, monitoring and evaluation services,
  • Provision of procurement and supplies services,
  • Provision of general office administrative support services
  • Provision of physical security services.

In order to achieve the aforementioned functions, the division has the following sections that are at its disposal for effective service provision; Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning and Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section, Procurement and Supplies section, Administration and Physical Security Section.

Through these sections the division have managed to attain number of milestones as regards to administration of office operations and trained a lot of accountants and other officers in different field in order to boost institutional capacity.


Banking and Asset Management Services


Banking and Asset Management (BAM) is another division which is responsible to strengthening and manage assets owned by government.


Core functions


The core functions of this division are:

  • Daily monitoring of Government accounts and funding of MDAs,
  • Reconciling all Government accounts,
  • Accounting for all Government revenues,
  • Ensuring that there is compliance with standards for asset management.


BAM basically is comprised of Banking, Revenue, Reconciliation, Asset Management and Foreign payments sections. The following are the functionalities of these sections in brief:

  1. Foreign paymentsForeign payment has three main activities which include transferring of foreign payments, processing of advances and transfer of funds from deposit account.
  2. Banking – Banking section is responsible for ORT and salaries funding to all MDAs, opening of bank accounts, paying of bank commissions, preparing bank transfers and closing dormant accounts.
  • Reconciliation – This section does reconciliation of all government accounts and prepares final accounts.
  1. Revenue – Revenue section has a sole responsibility of enhancing revenue accountability and reporting
  2. Asset management – This section has a responsibility of enhancing transparency and compliance with asset management.


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